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3 years ago

bunch of crooks, dont buy from them. Was sold a top spec car, wasn't top spec at all, it didn't have half of the things listed. Also, the windscreen was chipped, despite a MOT the day before, by their own garage. Took it to an independent garage and told it should never have passed an MOT. Asked for a refund and the nice, nice approach soon dropped to a not to nice approach. Despite about to start radiotherapy for cancer treatment I was pretty much told to stuff it…not very pleasant people at all. Real delboys…stay clear


4 years ago

2 weeks after buying a 拢2000 car, the dual-mass flywheel started making a noise. "Not covered by warranty" as it's classed as a 'serviceable' item. Cost me another 拢1000 for a new DMF & clutch. New thermostat & water pump another few weeks later. Wheel bearings another few weeks later! Lots of other faults since – steer well clear of these cowboys, Ormiston Rd Tranent & By-Pass Rd Haddington.


5 years ago

I bought a car that didn't even make it home, wasted 拢2000 which I am still trying to get back over a year later. I was pregnant when I had to encounter Mr Thompson on his forecourt, and heavily pregnant when I had to attend court about him too. This guy is a cowboy, and very well versed in dealing with customers who aren't happy. The car was given an MOT the day before we collected with no advisories but was found to be completely unroadworthy. Mr Thompson's parting shot was "i'll see you in court'. Not a nice man and a very unpleasant experience. DON'T EVEN CHANCE IT

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