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4 months ago

I first learned of the company's product (scheduling software) via a cold sales call from a spoofed California phone number. This is a shady business practice, so I was suspicious. (It's also illegal, because our business is on the FTC Do Not Call list. I asked whether the company is affiliated with another company we do business with — in other words, how did you get this number? — and was met with incomprehension.) I ended the call and decided to look up Duoserve to inquire whether they had instigated the call. Perhaps a scammer was trying to use their brand, even though it isn't a well known brand. But after trying two methods of contacting the company, I gave up. My browser was warning me of insecure connections due to an outdated configuration at the website. If Duoserve does such a poor job of maintaining basic security on its website, I do not trust them to protect my customer data. I have placed the company on my list to "Never Consider."


4 months ago

I first learned of this product through a cold sales call via a spoofed California phone number. We are on the Do Not Call list, so this was an initial alarm bell. I decided to try contacting the company to make sure this call had been made at their instigation, rather than by a scammer impersonating them. But when I tried two different links to contact the company or leave feedback, my browser warned me of insecure connections due to an outdated SSL configuration.

That's all I need to know. This company is permanently out of consideration.


1 year ago

Some dozy knacker and some ugly purple haired monster posted some junk through my door and gave me a load of attitude. Don't come to my door again


7 years ago

ScheduFlow Online by Duoserve is Excellent for any small to medium size business. The database of your schedules are online. Can have multiple schedules for multiple users for multiple locations. The color coding system is so easy to use. My staff love it because as our patients call to change their appointments everyones schedule is updated real time. As the physician in the practice I can access my schedule from my ipad or phone with ease. No more calling my secretary to find out my schedule. We tried to use ICal, google calendar and many other versions (most are designed for single person schedules and difficult to use cross platform) Scheduflow made everyone in the office happy. Unlike some of the other programs we tried they actually have customer service.

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