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8 months ago

DuPage Credit Union located at 725 Ogden Ave Downers Grove, IL. 60515 is a JOKE!! It has been rumored for many years that DuPage is a 'racist' county and now I believe the rumor to be true today (29 May 2020). I applied for a credit card yesterday evening (28 May 2020 Thurs) and today 29 May 2020 Fri Patrick gave a follow call verifying my information. Patrick seemed to care and be helpful at that point. AFTER Patrick could not get the application approved that is when Patrick became EXTREMELY rude and in fact when I stated that I would be escalating this matter he REFUSED to give his last name. I then asked to speak with the president of the credit union (Diana) Patrick totally ignore that request as well. Patrick insisted that I speak with his manager. When I agreed to speak with his manager Patrick then disconnected the line\communication. I will NEVER apply or ATTEMPT to do business with this sh**ty credit union and I have been filing complaints with various sites and government agencies. IF I can help to close this credit union I will do what ever it takes (legally), but they should NOT be in business anymore. TOGETHER as a whole WE can make a difference (do NOT give this place your MONEY\nor TIME).

Die DuPage Credit Union!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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