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9 months ago

Their website says they are the #1 rated File Fixer on Trustpilot and they have not other reviews nor rating. That blatent lie should ring some alarm bells with their integrity.


1 year ago


I found this website at the top of a google search as I needed a duplicate file finder. It claims that its:-

"#1 Rated Application as Reviewed by Trustpilot.com"

(Which is MORE than odd, as it appears nowhere here on Trustpilot, and as far as I can see, my review is the very first entry for it…).

The page looked a little odd, so I tried just entering the main duplicatefilesfixer.com site by deleting everything after .com in the url, this led me to a different download link (and download content, the files were both different). Unfortunately, this time Firefox itself warned me that the download "was not a common one and may contain malware".

Upon attempting to install either download..

Malwarebytes INSTANTLY quarantined them both as containing a PUP. – it attempts to install something called "Systweak v2.1".


My advice is… don`t touch it with a $hitty $tick….

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