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1 month ago

Martin Johnson and The Duplication Centre have taken just under 拢200 away from the charity Carers Trust.

I contacted Martin Johnson at The Duplication Centre back in December 2020 to create 100 DVDs for a non-for-profit concert with all proceeds donated to Carers Trust, a charity to help unpaid carers up and down the country. The Duplication Centre would be the only party involved to receive monies as they were to provide a physical product.

The turn around was rather quick as orders were to be delivered asap to patrons in time for Christmas. I was delighted that we took delivery of the DVDs 3 days after ordering with The Duplication Centre.

In hindsight, I should have personally checked the DVDs were in working order before packaging and posting orders to our supportive clientele. On the other hand, I had assumed that The Duplication Centre would take responsibility for quality control and check the product worked before shipping 100 faulty DVDs to myself. I was wrong. The fault itself was the DVDs stopped after 11 minutes or so and would not continue playing.

I was made aware of the fault on Sunday 20th December and proceeded to contact Martin directly and asked for 100 new DVDs to be sent to me asap so I could post out replacements to a growing number of inconvenienced and upset people in care.

Martin refused to do a re-order as he claimed the error stemmed from my end with our digital file of the concert. Myself and my tech crew made Martin aware that this wasn鈥檛 possible as the same file had been uploaded to platforms such as Vimeo & YouTube and no similar issues occurred.

After Martin had been incredibly unprofessional, rude and demeaning to my tech team on the phone and we explained that they were the only party being paid in this project and hammered home the charity element of the project, he agreed to print off 100 new DVDs for us on the grounds that we sent him a new 鈥渨orking鈥?file. We did such from our videographer and sent him a new file – 3 times.

Each time we sent the same file through different means of file transfer (Wetransfer/google drive) Martin would create another issue with the file, explaining it simply couldn鈥檛 be played or the file stopped after a certain amount of time. It was clear from this point that Martin had no intention of helping us out and sending any new DVDs to fix their error.

By this point I had managed to burn the DVD myself at home on a 2011 iMac and had numerous colleagues do the same on their own devices all with 100% success rate. Following on from this I contacted another DVD duplication company (Max Duplication) who sympathised with the financial and emotional position Martin had placed me in and agreed to do a run of DVDs for me at a cheaper cost so I could rectify the issue with my paying customers. The same file was sent to Max Duplication through Wetransfer with no problems or technical issues and the new DVDs at an extra cost to myself are being delivered as we speak.

I contacted Martin Johnson by letter politely asking for a refund as they had failed to create a product I could sell on and had since lied through email and phone calls about the file we provided. Martin denied my request through email and suggested I send through a working file, yet again.

In effect Martin Johnson and The Duplication Centre have taken under 拢200 away from Carers Trust and denied that financial help to many who need it in the current climate. Not only have this but have forced me to create more DVDs at another cost, taking yet more money away from charity.

I advise everyone to avoid The Duplication Centre and Martin Johnson – please do not grant them your custom.

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