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6 months ago

I am following 3 different strategies with them. 2 madea great profit so far and one is currently in a loss but I hope to see it turn around.
All in all I'm up 20% in 3 months. not bad..

Their service is generally goodbut I'm not happy with the way it works on my mobile device, I need to open a regular computer for the best use. I hope they fix this soon


6 months ago

I can't recommend this service.
I have been using the service for 16months, during which time I have followed 4 traders. The trade duplicate part of the service works well, but the traders are not reliable or consistent. All 4 traders have blown their accounts during this time. None of them set stop losses (the easiest way to protect your balance), instead opting to hedge trades when the market moves against them in the hope it comes back. This to me is gambling, I learnt the hard way, be warned.


6 months ago

Poor strategy used by their traders. I am they have picked their traders from streets. They seem to have no experience at all. lost 2200 GBP today although i closed the trades myself failing which i would lose everything in account. Multiple same direction trades opened back to back too short time despite the clear indication that the market is headed opposite direction.

Customer service is useless. They do not care to talk or explain what their future strategy is going to be.

Avoid this. Peace of mind is better.

Feel free to message me for more info. I hope trustpilot does not delete this review as i have noticed they do often.


6 months ago

Really easy to use and a great platform. For now my account is showing great results.


7 months ago

Look you can make money with DT.

The problem is some of the providers are very very inconsistent. Even the 鈥渟afe鈥?ones are pretty poor.


8 months ago

Great platform for copy trading!
Just too bad they don't have an app it would make things easier for me…

These guys are screening the traders that apply to become strategy provdires and show only the best, so the chances of following a bad trader are reduced.

All in all I'm using their services for about 3 months now and am up 25% on my account, Well done!


9 months ago

i had no problem connecting my account to duplitrade . after that , it was a easy setup. had some great months and some not so good ones , but related to the service of duplitrade i am very happy.


11 months ago

they show the perfect stats than trading starts
0,5 lots on a 3000 accounts
in one week 40% lost
avoid like plegue


11 months ago

This is a total scam. Profits that they claim to make do not exist. Even though they claim to make money, more than 60% of my money has been lost. Just don't do it.


1 year ago

I too am a victim of the software glitch at Duplitrade on 17th June. Made huge loss in my account.
They are not responding to any emails. They are a total scam and fraud.

Duplitrade has arranged to refund the full amount of loss due to the software glitch. My opinion about them was wrong….


1 year ago

Duplitrade reported a "glitch" in their system over a week ago which resulted in 123 trades (opened and closed) on my account in a 25 minute period.

I was told by my account manager Johnny that my account would be credited with the loss by last Wednesday 19th June. When this hadn't happened I emailed Johnny again. He replied washing his hands of the problem and said I would need to contact their support.

I have emailed them and copied Johnny three times but still no response.

The lack of customer service and communication re this problem is as concerning as the problem itself.

I am part of an investment forum where many others are in a similar situation to myself

Still no refund to my account for the losses and no communication about the plan for resolving this issue. It' over 2 weeks now since it happened

I see Duplitrade have reported my review as fake. I can provide account statements and email communication to verify my review if necessary

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