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11 months ago

This is another shop owned by the famous scammer, Duncan Davies, who used to own Bargain Cars in Estepona until it was shut down thanks to Policia Local and Guardia Civil.

These guys are literally mobsters and will threaten you if you raise any concerns about anything with their "operation".

Tanya Brune, Duncan Davies, David Valko, Luke James and the rest of the scamming lot are on this company as well and will continue to scam their customers, like they have done for a long time.

Steer clear from them!


1 year ago

Good choice of cars. We bought our first car of Duquesa cars and are happy with service as its complicated when you don't speak the language to make sure all documents are correct. The staff there helped us understand what we need and were helpful.


1 year ago

Friendly staff and good in communicating on how to buy a car in Spain. Explained the process of buying a car and helped with my insurance. would recommend.


1 year ago

Horrendous. Bought from one of Duncan Davies鈥?newest outfits 鈥榙uquesa cars鈥? Within 30kms the car was riddled with problems. 9 weeks later I have no car , mechanic undecided what is wrong worth it. no promise of repair by duquesa. No car to get me by despite having 4 children to get to school via a dangerous by foot route. Had to call police to insist on complaints book and the staff ripped out my page anyway! Owner gave me a fake name when I tried dealing with him on the phone. Owner becoming threatening telling us he has ALL our contact details in Spain and uk! Oh, and I still have no paperwork in my name! Need I say anymore? This joker is also running top gear cars es in Fuengirola. He has a lapdog…. whatever his name is, that has to deal with all his messes, but don鈥檛 be fooled, I don鈥檛 think he鈥檚 as innocent as he seems either! If you want a heap of junk sold by crooks who live it up on wrongly earnt proceeds, go ahead, but don鈥檛 expect to have any money or a car within months, weeks, days or even hours! STEAR CLEAR

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