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2 years ago

The management here are Booty Holes!

80 Union Ave, North Salt Lake, UT 84054

They are more of a gang than a company. They love their gangsta rap being music played at extremely high volume, and if you complain about it they will harass you out of your job as cunningly as they can while keeping theirs by yelling words and phrases and playing practical jokes..

When you complain to management they might have more of a laugh with that person who is harassing you instead of put a stop to it, and move that person up in the company. I had to deal with "Booty Hole" being yelled out every day all day long from Brain Norris and Omar Valencia for 6 months straight after my first complaint of the loud music with obscene language, because Randy would not make them stop.

I had to take another position that was offered to me by the boss just to avoid it I could not prove it was about me, but it sure felt and seemed like it must be after a while, with such strange childish behavior. They intentionally did it to annoy me and it was obvious. Whether your stating that I am a rude angry person or gay, directly or indirectly, is still harassment, and companies who support a no tolerance policy should leave no question but not to ever find humor in a homophobic inside joke or taunt.

If you look at your phone for a couple minutes, while the machines are running perfectly and you see everyone always doing it and your tired from the 3rd 12 hr graveyard shift in a row and you need to stay awake because you have already cleaned everything. you will have at least two bosses talk to you about it after your hypocrite crew rats you out for it, and get yelled at by Randy in furious anger.

Yet with all the socializing and taking their sweet time to deliver word of mouth on any job related info they have never cared on any kind of speed and efficiency for company performance. Their socializing time is just as much of a company waste in time and money as looking at your phone while the machines are running perfect and your fast at your job should they stop running, and you have already cleaned everything.

These bosses have been seen before yelling at employees plenty. The only way I stayed is out of malice because they obviously wanted me gone, and I'm no quitter. I was their best worker, but every man has a breaking point. I got angry too, and they forced resignation on me basically on how I signed it and left. All this after dangling a raise in front of me.

Oh, but wait it was a written warning not a point. Whoops on me! I should have stayed calmer about sign this form of recognition of control, and not have assumed it was a point, which is bad and keeps me from my raise. Oh well, I quit anyway. The long hours of work,sleep,work,sleep,work = death to me, and my online businesses.

Chill out Boss!

Awesome Hardworker

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