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5 months ago

1. Excellent drawing and instructions.

2. Components clearly labelled.

3. Excellent customer service.

4. Extremely responsive and helpful with any queries.

5. Very professional and thorough.


1 year ago

Versatile product that is easy to install. Provided me with a bespoke solution for my project. Very impressed and will definitely be returning


4 years ago

Have just used this system,I found the system a excellent product,as all fitted together perfectly.I had a base wall of 750mm and one wall full height of 2.1m. The technical department was very helpful,and the delivery driver was very helpful too,helping me to walk the goods around the rear of my house.
I would recommend this product to anyone. Thanks "Durabase".


5 years ago

I will never use Durabase again or recommend them to any of my customers.
I used the Durabase wall system and it was so poorly constructed and finished that all the sections were sent back on the first return and nearly half again for a second go.
There's Zero quality control and the boss who personally came to collect the stuff assured me it would be sorted within a week. 4 days later after a call to find out when it was coming back the foreman hadn't even looked at it. About another week later it arrived and still the quality was shocking on several units.
He said he was embarrassed both times but clearly not enough to care about sorting it properly. Even the last lot was barely passable but my customer got sick of waiting. Job should of been finished late June but finished beginning of August due to the delays. Made me look bad but thankfully my client was understanding. Steer clear, there are other manufacturers out there.

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