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5 years ago

Over the years this website has significantly improved. But first it was done by some cheap 1990s (and inconsistent) website. The people who took pictures don't even know how to take pictures, making ugly campuses look even uglier. Their website was horribly outdated. Many students (and even teachers!) have not been there in years. There have even been teachers who came and went and their hard work went unnoticed. One of their campuses posts yearbook pictures, while others did not. And one campus posted their years teaching, while others did not. AND their teaching years experience did not get updated each year. Many teachers were there for 14 years, not 7! And if you went to the Middle School website, the worst one of all, VERY outdated, it really only takes a few minutes to update it, but they are just so lazy. They also played this "fight song" every time you visited the middle school home page. There is no way to turn it off, except to hit the "Stop" button on your internet browser. They have redesigned the entire website to make it consistent with each other, but they STILL are missing a lot of information. Some of the staff is available on some campuses, but they aren't listed on others! And now they have a Staff Directory, which continues to omit many staff members!! And they clearly are not going to post their Alternative High School Campus online. It is something that they are too stuck-up to do. Which makes sense, because they treat the students like dirt. For years the campuses I don't even know how they passed the health inspections, at one point in time had large roach infestations, electrical wiring problems, cracked electrical outlets, and no or insufficient guard rails above stairs, and and students in wheelchairs can't access certain classrooms. As for the rest of the classrooms, the campuses were built on hills, or just added on WITHOUT EVEN BEING LEVEL, so in other words there are stairs ALL OVER THE PLACE! This also happened at the old high school, At one point in time there wasn't even An Elevator!! And if you are in a wheel chair those students had to go OUTSIDE and wheel out into the streets and travel around the building to get to the outside door of that wing. And some classrooms (just like the middle school) had even MORE stairs, with no ramp ANYWHERE and not even a Wheel Chair lift! This also includes the Auditorium. They can't get on stage, nor to some of the Fine Arts rooms. Their new high school campus, at tax payer expense, is more compliant but the "new" middle school still has these ADA problems. So if there is some information that its website left out, now you know why lol.

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