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4 months ago

Faulty and dangerous Flush Panel- Duravit will not accept responsibility

I really wish I'd believed the below reviews before I spent a lot of money on Duravit products for 3 bathrooms.

My issue relates to their glass flush panels. They look beautiful, however, they are not fit for purpose. The flush buttons fall off before you can mount them onto the wall and once you manage to get them mounted the whole panel falls off after very little use.

The problem with these panels is that they are made of glass which shatters when it falls off the wall. This is not only dangerous as sharp glass goes everywhere but the panels themselves are so heavy that they break anything they land onto. I've been left with a chipped and cracked toilet and tiles.

Duravit asked me to send over a photo showing how the system had been installed. I'm not a photographer and as I suffer with disabilities it's difficult for me to take a perfectly level photo.

Duravit took advantage of this by claiming that their technical department had reviewed the photo which showed that the flush panel system had not been installed level and that's why it fell off.

What a ridiculous thing for them to claim. I then had to put level on the system and take another photo which clearly shows it's been installed level.

I was told a replacement panel would be sent out as a gesture of goodwill but it's been over a month and I've recieved nothing.

Duravit are refusing to do anything to resolve the damage caused to my new Duravit toilet and tiles and they are prepared to leave a disabled person like this.

My only option now is to take legal action against Duravit.


5 months ago

I purchased duravit stark 3 basins that were installed in a double vanity unit. After a week (7 days) of instillation and use one of the units had visible blemishes in the glaze. In the following days the second unit also had blemishes. After contacting Duravit (who refused to inspect the units) they offered to supply new basins "as a jesture of goodwill". In Australia, Duravit have a 5 year warranty (parts and labour) – the units were in warranty. After lengthy correspondence (3 months) with the Duravit agent in Australia (who blamed the plumber / cabinet maker / stonemason / ourselves for negligence) the blemished had deteriorated to a point that over 100 cracks could be seen on each basins glaze). Only after threatening legal action did Duravit offer to pay to have new units supplied and fitted.


6 months ago

I wouldn't buy duravit again. no problem with the actual basin YET but it comes with a very visible logo that is impossible to remove. I got a duravit ME by Starck inset basin. BE WARNED – if you want a clean look in your bathroom, go elsewhere


7 months ago

Very poor customer service and a lack of concern or interest.
We had a toilet delivered from Duravit via Revive Bathrooms. On opening , it was chipped. It had to be fitted due to lockdown so we had facilities.Revive Bathrooms later replaced the toilet but neither would pay for the refitting of the undamaged toilet . We therefore paid for this twice to the plumber.
Duravit was clearly completely unconcerned .


7 months ago

Bought over 拢7000 worth of Duravit products to kit out three bathrooms and one WC prior to the UK lockdown. We have now finally been able to get a plumber to come in to install everything. After unpacking we found that two of the four vanity units are damaged inside, not a mark on the gloss outside, but hinges are broken, screws are ripped out; it literally looks like someone has stood in the drawer prior to packaging them in the boxes (which were also in great condition when received). Spoke to Duravit鈥檚 customer service only to find out that if you do not check the products for damages within 48hours of receiving them, then you are on your own. I鈥檓 sure there is some sort of consumer rights against that, or EU legislation? Considering the amount of money that was spent on the full order, I would at least expect Duravit to send someone to my house to see if the issue could be rectified.


7 months ago

Duravit would appear to sell substandard ceramic products in the UK and then do next to nothing to sort out the problems!

I bought a complete bathroom suite from Willbond of Grantham, in under a year the original toilet seat broke, so Willbond supplied a replacement and it was fitted, then in under a year this seat broke again in exactly the same place.

I then carefully checked the seat and toilet bowl and discovered that the ceramic bowl was so poorly moulded that instead of the rim of the bowl being totally flat/level as it should be, there was an approximate 7mm dip at the mid point between the front and the back the result of which being that the two middle pads fitted to the seat were not coming anywhere close to the rim of the toilet bowl as they should do. If the seat was flexible then this wouldn't be a problem but it isn't, it is a rigid plastic that is not designed to bend, so in the end it shatters!

Duravit patently have exceptionally poor quality control standards and their UK staff are amongst the worst I have ever communicated with. All they are suggesting doing at the moment is to supply a replacement seat with some heightened pads that will be obviously only a guessed depth as it is virtually impossible to measure the gap accurately, and then what happens when anyone wants to fit another seat…. how many toilet seats have you ever seen with different height pads and advice telling you to double check that the pads are in contact with the rim before using it? NONE !!

Now Duravit are supposed to be supplying and fitting a replacement bowl and seat, however the last communication I have received from them is denying they have ever offered such a thing and are asking for my address so they can send a seat with heightened pads.

Quite frankly their customer service is of the lowest level with right hands not knowing what their left hands are doing!!
So I contacted Willbond wh


1 year ago

I have 3 duravit toilets installed 6 years ago, I have replaced the toilet seats 3 times each toilet! The lids have cracked by the hinges every time! I had no idea you were not allowed to sit on the toilet seat with the lid down! In all my 50years of age a toilet with the lid down has always been an extra seat in the bathroom! When I put foot cream on my feet in my bathroom I now have to balance on one foot as I now no longer have a toilet seat lid to sit on!!! These are expensive items & I cannot understand why the price does not reflect the quality! All my friends soft closure toilet seats are cheaper but better quality, and they can sit on their toilet lids without fear of them cracking! The other point is that the ceramic is cracking alongside the hinges when sitting down on the toilet seat. So now I guess I have to hover on my toilet in fear of the whole cistern cracking! I wish I had never installed Duravit toilets in my home. I will never buy another product from duravit again! The hefty price DOES NOT reflect the quality! Avoid!


1 year ago

I purchased a Duravit Sensor Wash which was installed in 2015 within 6 months it stopped working. I contacted customer services who after asking me to try to reset the unit decided to replace it. In the 2 years of warranty the unit was replaced 3 more times each time for the same reason. I can't fault the customer service, but be realistic the unit does not appear to be fit for purpose. I would recommend that you do not purchase anything from Duravit until they can demonstrate that their products are any good.


1 year ago

I would like to give NEGATIVE 100 star. DURAVIT IS THE WORST PRODUCT. BEWARE, DO NOT BUY THIS. THE CUSTOMERS ARE OVER CHARGES FOR PARTS AND IT IS ALL ABOUT MONEY. POOR, PATHETIC CUSTOMER SERVICE AT BEST. BEWARE DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT YOU WILL REGRET IT. I paid 50.00 shipping for a 48.00 product that took FOREVER to get to me and then it turned out to be WRONG. APPALLING service from DURAVIT which just happens to be a German company and getting parts is like pulling hens teeth. German products are good, service is TERRIBLE


1 year ago

Sorry David, but you are providing an extremely fishy, sub standard customer service with no resolution.

It has been a year and this toilet has not worked from day 1 and after 4 plumbers looking at it, still does not work.

Your team have spoken with Sachin from Space Design, yet now you say you are unable to locate the order.

The toilet wad new in the market. There is an issue with it.

Details as follows
Durastyle close coupled Wc
Cistern code is 093510 00 05
Wc code is 216209 00 00



1 year ago

Oh dear Duravit I can't improve your star rating I am afraid.
We bought a Cape Cod Vintage Oak Console unit for our bathroom. Despite phoning before installation to check it had been treated and being reassured it had, water stained it as soon as we used it. Duravit's reaction is that they couldn't care less. It is actually our fault for getting water on a unit sold for a bathroom that cost 拢3000, yes 拢3000!!! Shocking.


1 year ago

Very bad customer service, I purchased a Duravit L-cube wall mounted basin unit and sink and it had manufacturing damage on delivery from Victor Paris bathrooms so had to be returned. It took 5 months from purchase before I finally recieved an intact unit. after fitting, the drawers needed adjustment, but the instructions in the manual are pretty useless and even the Duravit service department didnt know how to make the adjustments . David said he would phone me back with information, but needless to say —he didnt and when I phoned him back he didnt even know which torx bit was required or directions to turn to make the adjustments I appear to know more about they're product than their own so called advisers/experts


1 year ago

Installed starck 3 toilet
2 main issues
Cistern doesn鈥檛 line up with the pan
The buffers on the underside of the seat doesn鈥檛 touch the pan so the weight of a person sitting on goes directly on the hinges = broken seat in a few years time
Duvarit reply was that鈥檚 fine it鈥檚 design to and they alough for shrinking of the pan during cooling process
For a toilet cost around 拢500 is absolutely disgusting I would expect that quality from a Bnq 拢100 toilet
Avoid durvite


2 years ago

Our Duravit toilet seat cracked, and they refused to replace it. Thinking only a Duravit seat would fit our pan, I foolishly bought and paid for a direct replacement. This one has now cracked in exactly the same place. Obviously this means that it is not designed correctly, and/or the material used is inadequate. I will now buy an alternative product from a different manufacturer. DO NOT RISK BUYING SHODDY PRODUCT FROM THIS ALLEGEDLY PREMIUM BRAND.


2 years ago

The Duravit sink unit came installed in the toilet of my condominium in Singapore. It had many fine cracks looking like a dried up river bed, only after 3 years of service (solo user), right after developer's warranty expired.
I decided to post a comment after seeing the shi**y manufacturer advertising their products locally.


2 years ago

Very bad customer service at duravit Egypt, as I am trying to contact them on their hotline no. 19219 for about 10 days just to sort out my new sink unit and activate the garantee as well..
How come a hotline is linebusy all the time for more than a week..
And what should I do about my new sink unit that I bought unfortunately from duravit??!!!!!!!!!!
I am very upset really with duravit company
Whats more annoying that I didn't find my country Egypt in the list of countries to choose it !!!
Very bad cutomer service..


2 years ago

I bought a Duravit P3 Comforts shower tray because I liked the style of the outlet and, having had quite a few Duravit products in the past, I knew the quality and design was worth paying the higher price. However, as soon as it was in place I noticed that not all the water drained away in use. The tray is perfectly level and fitted EXACTLY as specified. Putting a level on the tray it is evident that there is a dip in the tray about 30cm in front of the outlet. Being of a durasolid material, I was worried about shower product residue marking the tray as, in essence, the tray dried in that area through evaporation rather than by all the water draining away. I contacted Duravit and they fobbed me off, saying it was due to water tension. When I sent pictures I was promised a call from a local rep which never happened but they later said that they thought the tray was fine and had told the retailer so. Within weeks of use my fears were realised and an orange mark started to appear on the tray. I contacted Duravit again and they just fobbed me off again, saying it's not an issue with the tray and that perhaps I'd fitted it wrong. Their solution was to send me a 'magic' cleaning sponge. Very disappointed that a high-end manufacturer can't hold their hands up when something goes wrong.


2 years ago

Unbelieveably disappointed with the quality of items from this company, and would recommend buying a different 'quality' brand.

My parents bought a replacement Duravit toilet seat for 拢150(!) less than 18 months ago and about 6 weeks ago it broke. Couldn't buy direct from Duravit so found one from Mytoiletspares.co.uk, who now say we damaged it (we didn't – our previous identical one for about 8 years with no issues, just discoloured) and won't enter into any further correspondence. They didn't even bother to reply to letters sent by Signed For post.

We were told warranty issues after 30 days (!) were direct with the manufacturer, Duravit, but when we called them, they said Mytoiletspares were not authorised dealers, so no warranty.

If I bought a 拢15 seat from B&Q it would last years, and we had a reasonable expectation of some durability from a seat costing 拢150, which has not been the case, and both companies have just washed their hands of it (no joke intended) after charging us this huge amount of money for an obviously faulty toilet seat & cover.

Would not recommend buying from Duravit or Mytoiletspares, better off with something cheap that will last.


2 years ago

Bought a 拢150 Duravit toilet seat & cover as a replacement for one that had discoloured by sunlight after nearly 10 years of use. After 16 months the new one developed a huge crack. Duravit said although it was under warranty (5yr) it was bought from a non -authorised dealer (we didn't know) and they wouldn't do anything about it. We chose Duravit because we were told that they were reputable and well built. Guess it was just BS. Don't trust a company that manufacture product but don't stand by it because they cant regulate their supply chain.
Very, very poor customer service.


2 years ago

After seeing a Duravit toilet in a showroom I bought the Durastyle soft closing seat and toilet in August 2017. Just a few months after installation the soft closing mechanism failed and then in March I noticed part of the toilet seat called dampers which attach to the hinge had cracked and eventually broken. The toilet seat was covered under a 2 years warranty. So I contacted Duravit to make a warranty claim just to be fobbed off each time stating they do not deal with end users and I would need to go back to the retailer – Builders Depot. I contacted the retailers who advised me that the dampers which is an integral part of the toilet seat was not covered by the warranty. Not completely satisfied with the advise I contacted Duravit on several occasions to question as to why. Each time they informed me that they could not deal with my query and that I would need to contact the retailer. It is only Duravit who can replace or repair the item which leaves their suppliers and end users powerless. Nevertheless I emailed my concerns to the manager at their UK Customer Services Dept. only to be advised that I had broken the toilet seat and that perhaps someone had stood on it. I find this statement unbelievable as the dampers which are plastic have a tendency to crack and break over time. This has happened to me in a matter of 8 months. In future I will not be purchasing a Duravit product nor will I be recommending them to anyone. Please steer clear of this company they take your money and do not help you if the item is faulty or becomes damaged through no fault of your own. I'm glad I purchased a Vitra toilet for my ensuite. Grohe have a fantastic customer service also.


3 years ago

On of the worst companies in terms customer service, they promise something and they never stick to to it. They literally say "we are working on our full capacity and unfortunately we didn't have the time to deal with your request"


3 years ago

Dishonest, cheap company (UK distributor). Shame that this company is the only UK distributor.
They would rather lie and deny mistakes to avoid having to replace ~拢500 worth of items.
Mendacious, unprofessional customer support. Very disappointing experience.
In general Duravit products are great, however it is a shame that this brand works with such a terrible UK distributor.


3 years ago

We are a professional Interior designer and have used Duravit Products many times. Whilst the quality is generally ok, their customer service and ability to deliver on time is abysmal. We have ordered products well in advance only to be told there are delays. A number of times the already late product has then arrived incomplete or wrong, then we are told we have no option but to wait a further 8 weeks plus for a replacement.
To add insult to injury, the company representative will not accept responsibility for the delay nor do they offer any form of compensation. As such I am sad to say, we no longer specify Duravit products in our schemes since we simply cannot rely on them to deliver.


3 years ago

Poor customer service and failure to take responsibility for faulty products.


5 years ago

We purchased a Duravit Sensowash toilet seat nearly 2 years ago. Unfortunately we had an issue with it recently and it seemed like the jet wash was broken. Contacted customer services since the seat would still be under warranty, and they responded quickly with some suggestions. When those suggestions didn't solve the problem, they immediately requested an engineer to come fix it for us (ultimately needed the part replacing).

I would recommend Duravit for their high level of customer service.

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