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1 year ago

we bought duravit sensowash 4 yr ago. I wash promised a 5 yr warranty. In less then 2 years the seat electrics stated mal functioning. I did inform the sales team but of no help. by 4 years all the functions stopped. I was offered a claim form from the company after sales. after one week they refused to help. the reason given was the was a display model. The Sales man did not tell me. even the receipt did not show it,
Even display models carry a warranty similar to new one and it starts from the day of purchase
I am warning people to be aware of a bad product and very poor after sale service.


2 years ago

Don't buy Duravit sensowash!!! This i very bad solution with no any possibility to descalcing like even cheap plain products on the market have. Duravit is not informing about it up front and no warranty is cover it and first when you discover to have problems (some people had already problems after just 3 months use) – then Duravit will tell you that it is your own fault that you didn't read manual about water hardness! It is to late to discover that since you buy and install by a plumber then it is to late to regred and return it. The result is that after a couple of months you wil need to exchange to new unit base with total cost close new price on sensowash. Very bad misleading information from Duravit, bad product, bad support. Other companys like Geberit had descalcing solution builded in for years – so even those other brands are more expensive to buy – it is much cheaper and safe to use for years in future….


3 years ago

We chose Duravit Durastyle for our new bathroom. Unfortunately. The quality of the products is poor, which was really disappointing.

1. The toilet came with a crack which came visible after a couple of days use. This part was smoothly replaced to a new one, but the impression together with the rest:

2. The design is difficult to keep clean.
– The corner shapes inside the toilet are too narrow, gets colored and are difficult to reach with a brush
– The toilet seat is difficult to remove and return into its position
– The surface treatment which should make it easy to clean is not really working even that we follow all care instructions. Especially this applies for the toilet.
– The outlet tube from the washbasin is dfficult to clean. It gets stuck between the basin and the water trap due to the design inside the tube

3. The surface appearance of the material degrades
– The material of the toilet seat turns permanently yellow by stains of urine and is not possible to make white again
– The large surface of the washbasin is not possible to make completely shiny as some water stains remains visible. And I have wiped this surface as frequently with only a damp cloth as recommended.

I mistook Duravit for a high quality product, due to price and PR. Don't do the same.

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