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7 months ago

Big ol hammock for my johnson


10 months ago

Have been using this brand of condoms most of my active sexual life and now suddenly had three of them split, from two different packs. In a row. I am aware that there is always a rusk that they can split but this is way too often considering that i use them correctly.


1 year ago

Contraceptive has torned over two times. What's a problem?


1 year ago

i ordered sample from them which supposed to cost only 0.99 but had to pay full price, aks them to cancel this but they post it anyway and ignore all my messages. very disappointed with their services


3 years ago

I did a claim about some products bought. after some time they admit their fault, explaining the mechanical industrial cause on the base of the flaws I've found in the products.
Despite their reassuring phrases about providing me with complimentary products, in the reality they were only taking time hoping that I would give up. after 2 months of protests, I still didn't receive anything, and the customer care representative of RB even stopped answering me. they are just ignoring me. LOUTS

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