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7 months ago

I bought 18 eggs from these scammers. They promise on their website an 80% minimum fertility… Indeed they claim NEVER to send out less than 80% eggs… They also boast that they keep accurate records of fertility so can promise this.

Of my eggs almost 40% were not successful. There can be lots of reasons for this but in an email to me they admitted they had sent me a batch from one set of hens with and established, and record hit rate of only 60%.

YES! The actually admit they knew this before they sent me the eggs while promising 80%.

Any doubts about this: If you are reading this then it is true becasue if I was them I would ask for it to be removed.

OH… and guess what the MD then does… Offers me 拢7.50 refund after I paid 拢55 for the eggs!!!! Eggs promised to be 80% but were 60% fertile.

Allowing for errors they should have not lied and they should refund me fully.

But apparently I am unreasonable!!!!!

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