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6 months ago

Air con hasn't worked since I purchased the vehicle. As I work 13 hour shifts mon-fri I decided to get this sorted myself. I called a mobile air conditioning engineer and he told me there was a leak in the condenser and will be 拢200 to fix (this was 16 days after I purchased the vehicle – keeping in mind due to my working hours and COVID I have hardly driven the car). I immediately rang the garage and there was no answer.
I called the garage a few days after this and they advised me to call the AA warranty service. The AA advised it wasn't covered under warranty.
So I rang the garage back. Firstly I was told the air con isn't something they check and they would call their boss to see what he says. Then I had a call back a few minutes later to say the air con was checked and was working – so basically I am lying as it never worked the whole time I have had the car.
The manager offered 拢100 towards fixing the condenser after I had basically been made to feel like a liar and a stupid individual. They 'man-splained' how things work and this is not how things were when I have used previous garages.
The car is 7 years old and I expect wear and tear but I also expect things to work to start with. I advised I was going to write a bad review and was told if I did they would come on and make a comment (basically to counteract my review) and the 拢100 would not be available to me. I chose to write the review. In my opinion the customer service I received was not what I expected, the car is a lovely car but unfortunately I would not advise using this garage. (I had an issue with the USB/aux too but that, again, was my fault).

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