Durso Hills Winery

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Website & Phone: 101 South Harding Street Marquand 63655 United States

5 years ago

Great food, fantastic cheesecake and excellent wine. Super friendly staff in a cozy atmosphere. Really nice little town too.


6 years ago

The supplier poses as a distributor on Alibaba, his name is Jake Fuller(sales manager) and Charles Hayden(director), he then asks for money, makes mistakes on quantities 10 times the amount ordered and asks for the buyer to cover all sorts of bills, asking for transfer to the following people in USA and UK: Dana Muroseva, Dawn Reiser) the stock never arrives to the buyer and the refund is yet to be received. This guy makes all sorts of stories about the delays, sends computer generated waybills and letters of guarantee, with no proper proof of business existence. The tracking number goes onto www.wctls.com, which has no contacts and seems to be a fake site in itself.
So beware of these guys, you will lose a lot of money, these guys are good scammers.

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