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4 months ago

Great service and super kind workers in Berlin city.


6 months ago

We are ordering in Munich. Here delivery is massively delayed, despite their claim to deliver within 2 hours, we have been waiting now for more than 3,5 hours. This also means that we had to cancel our dinner plans for tonight.We called the service Hotline, where we were told that the driver is still more than one hour away, so delivery will probably happen after 5 hours. We asked if a discount was possible, but were told that the delay is not yet long enough for that.
This is unacceptable. We will never order here again.


7 months ago

These guys are awesome!
I have used Durstexpress regularly for the past 1.5 years and the service is exceptional.
Usually they deliver your order in around 2 hours here in Berlin. If they really have a lot of orders and are unable to meet the two hour window they will tell you BEFORE you order. Even during the Covid crisis they usually were able to be on time.
You can return empties and they will even accept cans and bottles they don't have in their inventory and which you didn't buy at Durstexpress.
Thank you Durstexpress. I love you guys!


8 months ago

We use durstexpress regularly, it always comes the same day and the refunds for the pfand usually come the same day or the next day.


9 months ago

I have just ordered 5 crates of beer successfully and it arrived pretty on time.
There are some times like coronavirus or technical issue that might affect any business.


10 months ago

I started using durstexpress since last month, and i am really satisfied with the service. The delivery is always really fast (within 2 hours), and the delivery staff is always helpful and nice.


10 months ago

Perfect service from the Munich team.
Delivery within 2 hours (even though I expected a delay due to the virus).
Super-friendly & polite, fantastic customer service. You have yourselves a new customer!


11 months ago

super fast german customer service. also in the evenings. we talk about answers within 2-3 minutes – even after 8 PM
Very professional and super good.


11 months ago

I was very happy the first time I tried them out. Under 2 hours to wait, good prices and the delivery guys was nice and polite.
But tried to order yesterday, got a order confirmation after entering payment info, and everything looked ok. After waiting 3 hours I wrote them, and they replied that there was an error and they couldn't deliver. Very unprofessional to not notify me earlier. I tried ordering again today, and the same thing happened. I got a confirmation after entering payment info, and it all looked ok. I wrote customer support to ask if everything was ok with my order since I had the problems yesterday, and the reply I got was "the order has not arrived. I cant tell you why it didn't work out".
No useful help to get from them, and no notification if there is a mistake and they cant deliver.
Too bad, I love the concept and would definitely have used them a lot both at my work place and privately, but after screwing it up 2 days in a row the company seems unable to actually do what they claim.
I rather use a sp盲ti next time, cost more and I have to go out but at least I know I get my Berlin Pilsner and my Pepsi Max.


1 year ago

Never again. I paid with Paypal, never received anything. They never replied to my emails, neither to my calls. Now I opened a dispute on Paypal and hope to get at least my money back. And…guess what..all of a sudden the information about my orders on my accound disappeared (I can see anything else but "My orders"), I don't think it's a coincidence..

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