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2 months ago

Watch Out. DusPay is Scam.

I took a PSP (Payment Service Provider) account with DusPay.com. I started onboarding merchants under my brand.

My merchants started doing transactions on my platform, which was DusPay at the backend. For few months, we got the payouts from DusPay. But as we were near to get our rolling reserve which they said will be refunded in 180 days, they started making excuses and stopped all the payouts.

The excuse they gave that their USA Bank has blocked their bank account, and will be refunded in one year. It is over 200 days I have been following up. On Every date they gave, they came up with new excuses. They stopped responding on my mails, but when I escalated the matter, we got a standard reply "Payment is still not released by Bank".

Let me remind you all, that Bank can never keep the money of any payment gateway as per Government regulations.

DusPay.Com are scammers, please do not go with them, they will rob you of your hard earned money.

I have already reported their scam to MasterCard, Visa and several agencies in Singapore, UK, HongKong, China & USA. I am not mentioning the name of agencies for obvious reason, as I am sharing all mail communications, agreement etc. with the law enforcement agencies in all the above countries. The investigation is under progress, and I will share the report, as it gets complete.

I have lost over US$ 28,000 so please do not go transact with DusPay.


7 months ago

My MID is 1204 ,Please do not make any further excuses and return my money as soon as possible .
Thank you


8 months ago

Highly obliged with your services. A great platform for the payments. I would recommend other people to use it as i have received a satisfactory responses. No hurdles i have faced for the payments or transactions as of now. Thinking to use it further too.


9 months ago

Rip off artist! They owe me money. They have terrible accounting. They will most definitely keep your funds if you get an offshore merchant account. I have all the email records to prove it. A very unprofessional and down-right dirty processor. If you need any proof to back up what Im saying, just reach out to me on FB. I will provide you enough emails to make your head swim.

I will give you one of their best quotes. " If you don't continue to process payment, we can not pay you" I closed my account because their janky plugin went down. In addition, I had duplicate charges on most sales, which caused a chargeback nightmare. Most sales dont go through on the first attempt, but then later the transactions show as a duplicate , plus there is an international fee for each transaction.

They went offline for Chinese New Year and did not correspond at all during this time. Didn't matter if I needed support or not. If you value your business, then take it elsewhere. We sell kratom and entheogens, so we were very desperate at the time to accept credit cards. Every since we left DusPay, our sales have triple to quadrupled.

If you need a merchant account and are in the same industry, reach out to me. There are several other solutions out there, that will not steal your money and hold it hostage.



1 year ago

So, where do i begin???

They charged me 400$ to gain access to the e-check processing gateway.

When come time for my payout ( 1 week arrears ) they came up with an excuse as to why my payout/settlement couldnt be sent. I complied thinking it was simply a normal delay with new accounts.

4 WEEKS LATER, still no payout after. On the 4th week, they are saying some of my clients "charge backed / returned" their check. I call my clients and they say they didnt charge back and that the funds were actually taken from their account.

DUDPAY used every excuse in the book not to pay me what they owe me.

SO, I decided to refund my clients and process their payment with a different processing company. DUSPAY said they would refund all my clients who did not dispute the charge by JULY 1st 2019.

On July 2nd 2019, they sent me a skype message saying they will not refund my clients who didnt dispute. They are taking over 7500$ of my hard earned money.



2 years ago

I believe duspay is the best E-Check service provider from my point of view
because as soon as you process the transactions, they verify & authorize all details with customers and their respective banks. It really helps me to decrease the ratio of returned checks in the bank and also increase the ratio of long term business. I really like to work with them for long time as I am also receiving payouts on time which is very important part of every business.


2 years ago

It looks like everytime someone posts a bad review suddenly several good reviews get posted to drown out the bad ones. Strange coincidence.

My experience with duspay is that they use agents that actually know very little about the company to persuade high risk merchants to use Duspay as their credit card processor. Once you start running your business through Duspay they will start changing the rules on you and one of two things will happen. You will either receive some payouts and then one day, usually when they owe you a large amount, they will stop paying and not respond to you. Or they will start stealing your money immediately. Either outcome is bad. If them stealing money isn't bad enough, they will also cause you to lose customers because so many transactions fail to process with their horrible payment processor. Over 50% of my customers had problems preventing them from paying through Duspay.

So they will cause your customers to get frustrated, cause you to lose potential sales, and just when you think that's the worst of it they will steal 10's of thousands of dollars owed to you.

Please look around, do more research, do not let yourself be a victim.

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