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6 years ago

I needed some dust covers for my MIDI keyboard and mixer. They sit on the desk in my home office and gather dust (where does it all come from?) so I hit Google to try and find some dust covers. It was apparent very quickly that there weren't any ready made ones available but I spotted Dust Covers UK who offer a made-to-measure service. You enter the dimensions on the web site, choose the material and it gives you an instant quote.
So I ordered two covers and chose the grey material. I paid through Paypal and was initially a bit concerned that there was no automatic email confirmation – so I emailed Dust Covers directly and received an email from Dee who confirmed all the order details and apologised for the lack of an auto-response. Apparently, they're working on this.
Although the website says to expect delivery between 5-10 working days, because I'd ordered two small covers, they were made very quickly and I received them within 3 days of placing the order.
And I'm delighted with them. Of course, the fit will depend on the accuracy of your measurements – but the covers have been made exactly to the measurements I entered. They're lightweight polyester which is perfect for what I need and they quality of edging and stitching is spot on.
Of course, that's kind of what you'd expect – to receive the goods you ordered and for them to be of decent quality. But I think the thing that has impressed me most is the fact that there's a real person responding to emails and that my custom is valued. In a world of faceless corporations and automated responses, it's nice to deal with real people who provide a top-quality product and an excellent customer service.
Thanks Dee!

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