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1 year ago

I thought the shop is in Denmark, but now it seems otherwise. I have to pay 201kr import duty for a vacuum cord I bought worth 168kr. The WEBSHOP is not in the EU according to POSTNORD, even though the language is in Danish, and it claims to have a Dutch address. PLEASE BE WARNED. Don't buy from this site, unless you want to pay more in import duty. Total scam!


1 year ago

Does not even deserve one star. I waited for a long time to get my items which i THOUGHT would be shipped from Denmark since it's a danish domain site and they don't make it clear that it's not shipped from DK. Been unable to clean up until now. Just got a letter that it's being held in customs and i need to pay additional 199 kr. to get a simple bag of vacuum bags. wouldn't ever buy from here again and advice people to stay far away from this company.


1 year ago

Super bad user experience. Super slow delivery and They send from overseas, so the parcel got stuck in customs and i will have to pay 150 kr Exstra for a 100kr product. They say that they state it clearly that they send from outside EU, But i didnt notice it when i bought from here. Also ordering from a danish web domain you dont expect this. I will not buy again and will not advice to buy from here. You can get the same from amazon with no issue what so ever


1 year ago

Dustdeal is a fake. They pretend to be local .. like a local Swiss company but they are not. They are based in the UK and they are sending your order but takes your money.


1 year ago

I placed an order on 29 Aug 2019 for a vacuum cleaner attachment from dustdeal.dk. The first result on google.dk was from dustdeal.dk and the price looked good (104 DKK). On the dustdeal website, it stated that delivery takes 1-2 weeks. I went ahead and placed the order. After 3 weeks had passed, there was no sign of the product. I looked at their website and noted that there is no phone number for customer service. I found out that they are not Danish company even though their website is in Danish, uses a DK domain and payment was taken in Danish Kroner. What a surprise! I emailed customer service, and upon further investigation, I found out that they ship the orders from their depot in Guernsey.

A week later, I receive a notice from customs that I must pay VAT plus import duty, a total of 185 DKK – more than the cost of the order! I contacted dustdeal.dk and requested to cancel the deal, as it was just under 30 days, and demanded a full refund immediately, as Danish customs state that they will send the goods back to the sender. In return they responded in email:

"Customs fees are in some cases charged by your country's national tax authority, and therefore DustDeal.dk is not responsible for them. These fees do not fall under our "worldwide free shipping" guarantee (please see our General terms, point 7.3). It is also clearly mentioned on our shipping page that the price excludes any potential import costs at customs.We would however like to offer you a compensation because of the inconvenience caused. To validate that you paid a customs fee we only need you to send us a proof of payment by e-mail. "

They were trying to get me to pay the VAT and import duty in return for an unspecified amount of compensation!

I wrote another email to insist on a refund under the 30 day money back guarantee they advertise on their website.

According to the EU law in europa.eu Dustdeal are obliged to:
1) clearly inform of the total price for my purchase, including delivery and other related costs.
2) ask for explicit consent to any additional costs. Using a pre-ticked box does not constitute such consent and I would be entitled to reimbursement of any payment which has been collected in this way.
3) deliver orders within 30 days
4) inform about which cross-border delivery options are available and how much they cost.

They have completely failed to meet the criteria above and it is evident from reviews on Trustpilot that I am not the first to raise these issues. Far from making the total price clear, their website hides the fact that goods are coming from Guernsey by burying it in small print instead of asking for explicit consent to additional costs. At this time, I am inclined to report the company to the European Consumer Centre Denmark and the Danish Consumer Ombudsman.


1 year ago

A month ago I send an order, and still haven't received anything. This week I send an email to dustdeal, and they send me this information:

Thank you for your e-mail. We are sorry to hear that you have not received your order yet.

We want to inform you about the delivery of your order. As you can read on our website, we ship our products directly from our depot in Guernsey. This information can be found at… (a link to short information that doesn't say anything)

Most packages arrive within a week, sometimes in two weeks, in extreme cases three weeks or more. The speed of the shipment is mainly dependent on the speed of the customs and postal service. If your shipment has still not arrived after one more week, please contact us again.

I have written again stating that I still haven't heard anything, and since they pulled money from my account weeks ago, without giving me my package, I want to decline.
Weird company.

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