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8 months ago

D氓rlig opplyst at Tollgebyr og moms kommer i tillegg. Handler ikke her igjen
Fake prices taxes and fee will come additonal when you collect your items.
Will not recomend this.


1 year ago

I believe the seller operates in an illegal and very unethical way. As the domain I did my purchase through is Norwegian and all text and currency is in Norwegian, I thought it was a Norwegian seller that had included VAT in the sales price.

As there is no indication that the prices for the products listed on Dustdeal.no in fact are exclusive of VAT and other taxes, they are making you belive that their price is lower than in the rest of the market. Of course, when VAT and customs handling will be added, it becomes expensive, and you would be better off shopping from your local electro market. What they are doing is illegal as they are violating the Norwegian marketing act. Further more, they are violating the Norwegian VAT act, as the delivery of goods take place in Norway. As a consequence of the latter, the company should have been registered for VAT in Norway and collected and reported VAT to Norwegian authorities.

It has now passed more than two weeks since I placed the order and I have not received the goods from the seller. If I was to receive them, I would have to pay import VAT and a customs fee, which I will refuse to pay. This will result in me not getting the product.

I have reported the seller to Norwegian market- and VAT authorities, and encouraged them to investigate their scam.


2 years ago

I ordered the correct bags for my Miele vacuum. Dustdeal.no sent the wrong bags. I contacted their customer service and was assured that the bags they sent were compatible with my vacuum.

Bags were wrong. Vacuum is a mess with dust and dirt all over
The new filter was ruined, and the vacuum may also be damaged.

It's been a pain getting a refund. first they say to send the bags back, then i dont need to, then they say they'll refund when the bags are returned…

i don't recommend this service


4 years ago

Dustdeal.no (.no) er bare for 氓 lure deg og meg til 氓 ta risikoen med 氓 m氓tte betale ekstra mva og andre avgifter. Dette er hva jeg ville kalle svindel. Dustdeal fremst氓r ganske norsk helt til du vil ha tak i dem, da er det engelsk det g氓r i.

N氓r du st氓r p氓 posten for 氓 hente dis pakke som IKKE skulle koste noe ekstra avgifter av noe slag, med en oppkravslapp som resulterer flere hundre krone ekstra, begynner det 氓 g氓 opp for deg at dette er svindel.

Svindel fordi dette er informasjon de undersl氓r eller bevisst gjemmer bort fra deg p氓 (liksom norske siden).

Her et svar fra Dustdeal etter krav om tilbakebetaling av postens avgifter og ekstra avgifter.

Thank you for your email. I'm sorry to hear your order was subject to random customs inspection and was consequently charged for customs duty.

Unfortunately it is a general rule that all items imported into non European Union countries can be subject to inspection, resulting in VAT charge and possibly other fees in accordance with your nation's tax regulations. This to the responsibility of the receiver of the goods. This also applies when ordering something in a webshop such as DustDeal.no. More information can usually be found on the website of the customs department and can be acquired at your local post office.

Any customs fees and charges are imposed by your country, not by DustDeal.no and therefore they do not fall under our "free shipping" offer. Therefore DustDeal.no unfortunately cannot take responsibility for these costs and we cannot honour your request for compensation of these costs.

I hope this information was satisfactory. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Kind regards,

Eveline Haertel

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