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4 months ago

The reason I gave them 1 star is because I cannot give less! They do not deserve it!
ordering went quite well! they did not deliver as they promised but at last they did! however after 10 min with the new "Modena digital folio" I realized that it was not so digital as promised! it was a very expensive regular note book! so I contacted them and returned it. that was 1 month ago and still I have not got my money back yet! I have called them several times, long queues and same answer we will do it as soon as possible! once you try to get in touch with a responsible person, "they are in meeting"
how can such a compony exist! they are not cheap and do not deliver any of their promises! My best advice regarding this company is save your time and buy your stuff from other shops that are serious!


8 months ago

I ordered a power supply the hade 12 Pieces in stock the next day they sent me a email that they had no more left like are your costumers a joke or what i wanna my money back Dustin DONT RECOMMEND THE COMPANY.


8 months ago

I鈥檓 still waiting… it鈥檚 been a month how can I get a refund????


10 months ago

If you fail to complete the order, e.g., the payment doesn't go through. The order is still confirmed and in the process, which can lead into unpleasant situation of unexpected arrival and payment. Very different and not expected experience from all other similar companies in Sweden.


1 year ago

Have good prices but 0/10 customer service.

Lying and giving false information. Been waiting over a month for my products and they STILL don't know when I can expect them. Will cancel the order today and never do business with Dustin again.


1 year ago

If not ready to be shiped said so… dont lie

I order a product with a promotion Specifically a Wacom cintiq 16. It was shown as ready to be shipped when I ordered it, next day I received a message saying that it was not in stock and was expected a couple of days later. Next day I get an other with a later delivery day. Finally it came to stock but thew additional product that came with the promotion wasn't in stock and it seems that it will not be ion stock for a week or so.

For me, I consider a false publicity or even fraud to put a sign saying that is ready to deliver when is not. Because if I knew that I will be waiting for this long I would have preferred to but it in other store.

I also write to them to ask about it, and they respond after a couple of days. So add bad points in the costumer service to. They reply saying that could send separately the items so, but didn't happen and still waiting…


2 years ago

Fast shipping and great products. They sent the wrong product, so I contacted the customer service in Sweden, and they sent the right product and let me keep the first sent item as compensation!
Everything was quick and smooth.


3 years ago

They created a account for med..how i dont know and now they wont delete it … WARNING AVOID this Company

Iam gonna report this company !


8 years ago

Reliable web shop with technical products, hardware etc.


9 years ago

Har handlat mycket p氓 dustinhome och man kan verkligen lita p氓 dom


10 years ago

One of the best hardware/electronics online stores in Sweden!

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