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3 months ago

I,am very contented with my eyes. the are recenly done.the lifting are beautiful done by Drs. D. Akdogan. The day off the intake and also the day off the operation are perfect and promising.The reception are very friendly and helping you with every question you may have.Thats wy I recommend Dutch clinic.And the price is payable and realizable for everyone. Ellen van Amsterdam


5 months ago

The eye-laser operation I had recently at Dutch Clinic was a great success. The price they offered me was unprecedented in the rest of the Netherlands, and the results are amazing! Within 24 hours of the operation I could live life like usual. The operation was a bit daunting at first, but the doctors were professional and guided me through it perfectly. For anyone considering a laser operation, I would fully recommend this clinic!


6 months ago

I had -7 and a cylinder of 1.5 in both eyes. Doctor was honest at intake. There was one chance with IntraLasik and there might be some deviation left. I took the chance and now my eyes are 100%, no deviation left! The team is very professional and skilled. Best decision of my life.


9 months ago

A professional, nice en relaxing Clinic. I had an eyelid surgery, no pain, no swelling, no blue eyes. I am happy with Dr. Deniz Akdogan's work.


9 months ago

A very good, professional clinic with wonderful staff. I had an eyelid lifting operation. Good communication beforehand, managing well the expectations and a short procedure done very professional by Dr. Dennis.

I really can recommend this high-quality top clinic.


1 year ago

Nice and professional environment, doctor is super relaxed and handles very adequately.
Good after care. I would recommend going to the Dutch Clinic.
I had my eyes lifted before at a very famous doctor but I was completely swollen and bruised then and with this doctor I hardly have any swelling nor I am blue.


1 year ago

I can really recommend this clinic. A lot of personal dedication is given to the patients. Everyone is very hospitable, knowledgeable and responsive to any requests. They help you feel comfortable, even when you are scared, and take any indications you give, for example, on discomfort very seriously.

The process is as follows:
– First check-up: this was done very thoroughly. I had several questions that they answered.
– Treatment: I was incredibly scared. The treatment was quick and everyone in the treatment room really comforted me during the procedure and the waiting period. After the procedure the was some discomfort, but within 3 hours I could already see clearly.
– Post-op: during the post-op they really took their time to answer any questions. And when I indicated some inconvenience in one eye, I could come in for direct review. They checked, and indicated best treatment. Since then, I haven't had any more inconvenience of my left eye.

I almost did not go through with the procedure due to my own fear, and now I have perfect vision (120%) and can happily see everything super clearly without need of glasses or contacts.

Thanks Dutch clinic for your help!!


2 years ago

My husband and I had the intralasik procedure (aka Laser eye surgery) and we are supper happy with the results. The postoperatory went super fine, really quick recovery (2 hours of a little pain and discomfort) vision was immediately from 10% to 95%. Next day it was already 100%. The doctors and staff are nice and understanding (I was nervous before the procedure), they explained everything I wanted to know. Positive overall experience with Dutch Clinic, and now I feel mega happy without glasses!

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