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8 months ago

I emailed Dutchman Dane Farm with my interest in a puppy. I was a bit skeptical since the price was only $850, but I thought I'd at least ask. The response was a very long one that seemed very impersonal. I told them that I wanted to pick up the puppy. This was really so that I could see the facility. When they noticed that I was in Michigan, they gave me a sob story about a puppy they let get picked up who died when left alone in a hot car. They said they were in Richmond, VA and would cost me only $100 to fly the puppy and drive it to my home if I didn't want to pick it up from the airport. Another red flag was how cheap and convenient this seemed. I ended up telling them that after discussing a puppy with my elderly mom, that I would not continue with the deal. Never heard back. But, I decided to see if this really was a scam. I made up another gmail account and fake name and acted like I was interested in the same puppy. I told them I insisted on seeing the puppy before purchasing. They gave me an address: ***** **th St Sacramento, California. How can they sell the same puppy from Richmond, VA and Sacramento, CA?

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