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8 years ago

Excellent prices, this is most important, other than reliability and the cigarettes quality, which are basically exactly the same cigarettes sold in shops. Who needs airports? Not me!


8 years ago

L&M costs a hell of a lot more when I buy them at a regular store, the prices are insane. I'm not bothering to do that anymore if I can get my cigarettes for a more reasonable price. Freetaxsales.com has much better prices so it's really a no-brainer, it's just better! Do yourself a huge favor and don't buy your cigarettes for these crazy prices if you get get them tax free at online stores like this one.


8 years ago

I've recently received my 3rd order from freetaxsales.com and they deserve a good word. I've ordered mainly cosmetics in the past but the latest order was duty free cigarettes, which they also offer (along with perfumes, alcohol, cigars etc.)
The best thing about this site is the prices. All products are sold tax free, like the duty free stores at the airport. Another big advantage is the free shipping they provide for every order.
I had no troubles with the orders so I didn't have to contact support, so no feedback regarding that in this review.


8 years ago

I went through a couple of sites that sell perfumes, cosmetics, cigarettes etc online and this is the best one. Best prices, selection and all.
freetaxsales.com also offers free shipping virtually (no pun intended) anywhere.
The cigarettes, perfumes and the rest of the products are tax free but they are still the real deal, so you can be worries free if you order from them.


9 years ago

I ordered 4 cartons of Marlboro Gold through freetaxsales.com and this saved me quite a few bucks. They offer tax free cigarettes, seems like all the best brands are available to order, and the best thing is that they offer free shipping. What I ordered is what I paid for and not a cent more.

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