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2 years ago

Great site to check on the video quality before you buy and particularly before upgrading from dvd to blu ray. Gary is astute with a balanced sense in his reviews.


11 years ago

This is for movie lovers frustrated by not being able to see the quality of DVDs before they shell out large sums of money for something nonreturnable once the wrapper is off.

The site is packed with information on all the latest and upcoming DVD releases, not just or mainly reviews of the movies themselves, but of the quality of the DVDs themselves and all and any extra materials that are sold with them. There are normally many large image samples taken from the DVDs, there are graphs showing the audio quality and lots more, and the reviews are worth reading. The site covers versions released in other counties and catalogs the differences between region-specific releases, and as an Amazon affiliate it encourages to buy from one of the national Amazon stores by way of supporting the project.

On first look, dvdbeaver is a strong candidate for Web Pages That Suck. And the name – no, it's not a porn site – could have been better chosen. The whole thing looks to be several years out of date design-wise and the review pages don't link back to the front, as far as I could see. But putting design and navigational issues aside, this is a great resource for anyone wanting to see what they're getting before they buy.

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