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5 years ago

Both DVD movies ordered do not work in regular dvd player or ps3

2 DVD movies ordered, one received and it didn't play in DVD player or Ps3. I emailed Sean Draven (reported owner) and told him it didn't play and that had paid for two. I also said do not send another one unless it plays in a regular American DVD player and that I would rather be refunded. I was told a "replacement disc" was on the way. The 2nd disc arrived and it's the same crap as the first. I emailed again and he sent the following (((BS))) response:

"We are not responsible for the quality, content, glitches, sound synch issues, or other anomalies. Such anomalies may or may not be caused by your equipment. We can not guarantee compatibility with any device, since we are not the manufacturer, nor do we have access to manufacturers specs."

So basically this douche just stole my money which is a bit frustrating. Big scam all the way. I'll be reporting about this company on as many websites as I can.

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