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8 years ago

One aim, one claim. To rip us off our money as quickly and as deceitfully as possible.


8 years ago

A scam that has made money at the expense of unsuspecting newbies for years. It is time we all report them: moneyclaim.gov.uk.


8 years ago

Have you ever wondered why nobody mentions an ecommerce website on his fake forum πŸ˜€ Itιˆ₯ζͺš him, that muppet of the owner, posting using different usernames. Biggest dropshipping con around in the UK, beware.


10 years ago

Cheaper to buy from Amazon and then resell on ebay. And they ask to pay for their service! Bit of a sham in my opinion.


11 years ago

All companies will have bad comments, especially, when you are talking about running your own business, and finding partners, but here is my take on this. website.

Excellent website, and great support if you are looking to start a business. I have been selling for 3 weeks and easily made my money back selling dvds. Not latest releases, but some good sellers.

I also purchased a website, and added all my products to it. Very happy, and a cheap and cheerful way to get into business. Looking forward to more sales now πŸ™‚

A little tip. If you are new and are struggling for sales, then email the owner, who knows a lot about selling online, and was really helpful to me. In fact I new nothing, and didn't even know where to start, and when I emailed them, the owner actually phoned me up to explain some simple techniques to selling online, which was great. I made a sale that very same day :-).

Very helpful, and enjoyable πŸ™‚

Jenny x


11 years ago

this website is a real scam . I paid to sign up and the cost for the dvd's are much cheaper in the shops !!

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