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5 years ago

On March 12, 2015 I ordered Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, volumes 1-7 for $130.77. A week later the package arrived(the shipping label was in Chinese to my surprise) and none of the DVD's would play. I have a Magnavox ZV457MG9,Toshiba SDV296KU, Asus BC-12B1ST Optical Drive, and Bravolink Portable DVD Player. After a week of seeing: Disc Error, Please Eject disc, Playback feature may not be available on this DVD; Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file, "Unknown File"; "Read"( while the disc spun endlessly), I gave up. In my first e-mail I said, the DVD's did not work in two of my players nor my optical drive. Their reply was; What kind of players do you have? Can you test them on your computer? You may need to change the player setting to auto. If your problems continue, e-mail us a list of defective DVD's. Since none of the discs worked, I was disappointed to have had to make a list at all(but I did).Five e-mails later (they stopped responding after my third), nothing. J.P


5 years ago

I order a set of the Stargate SG1 DVDs for my wife and our vacation. All the promises of fast service went much the same way as the previous letter described. After contacted the company by Email 3 times, I finally got a not saying they were on there way. The Tracking went from Canada to the East Coast to China and then a week later was back on its way to the states. After almost 6 weeks i got the set. Yea. Only to find out that out of the 54 Discs in the set, only 2 CDs would play their contents without freezing up. After the disc froze up, it would no longer play an part of the Disc, I contacted the company and was contacted by Email asking about my DVD. So I bought a new Sony DVD and tried the discs again. Not only did they freeze up, but in the same places as they had in my old CD player. Again I contacted the company by Email and told them of my findings. They did not say so, but indicated Sony was not such a good brand with their discs. So I have a High Quality Jensen DVD player and Stereo. Guess What. The Disc still freeze up in the same places as the other two players. I relayed this to the company. Its been almost 6 weeks and I still have heard nothing from this company. May not want to spend your money with these folks.


5 years ago

I ordered a boxed set from this site a month ago. It all seemed great, quick response, sent a tracking #, all going swimmingly. And I am still waiting. I tracked the package to a stop in China where it never moved. I contacted the customer service, the seller, and just the site itself. It took days to get a response, but they claimed to look into it. Then the said it was in New York and if it did not arrive by tuesday march 17 they would fully refund me. Still haven't received it and no refund. Contacted them again. They sent me the same message they sent before, saying they would contact their shipping company and look into it. I told them no, reminded them of their promise to fully refund me, and requested they do just that. It took yet another day to respond. They claimed to have passed it on to Accounts to reimburse me next business day. Still waiting. All in all, a horrible experience. An utter and complete disaster.

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