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7 years ago

DVDfab is a crazy good dvd, blu ray ripping tool. It is easy to use and within minutes (yes minutes) you can rip a blu ray to your hard drive in any format you want. MP4, mpeg2, and even ISO files. I hope this software is legal, and I think as long as you are only using it to make back ups of your own dvd/ blu rays then that is fine. For me, I wanted a hard drive media server of all of my movies to watch whenever and where ever I wanted to and this is the perfect tool for that. Why 3 stars? The price is crazy high. I paid $299 for a lifetime subscription otherwise it was $199 for only 2 years. I could not believe the high price. They also claimed they would ship me a free video player as a bonus and I never received that either. Despite that I never got my video player and the price is outrageous, the software works flawlessly. There are cheaper solutions out there, but none that work as well as dvdfab IMO. If you can stomach the high price tag, then this is a great software program.

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