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11 years ago

U S A government – This is not another complaint but just to tell people out there having trouble with U S web sites that I have just filled in a complaint form with the feds in the U S, I went on ask and put in U S government and I found this part that deals with consumers, so I have told them my problems and about a couple of other sites that I've seen on jabber. I will let you all know how I get on with this bye for now sandranewp


12 years ago

Beware of DVD Globe – I ordered a series of tv discs.
The quality is D- at best.
The audio-visual tracks don't synch.
I have repeatedly tried to contac the company but the phone number is bogus and they don't respond to email.
The invoice was in Chinese so I can't get an address.
FORGET DVD Globe for any purchases.

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