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11 years ago

Rip off con merchants liars, waste of space. I'm nearly at the end of the DVD series that I purchased from this site and the amount of adverts is riduculous, you watch about 6 minutes of the program then theres an advert, sometimes it goes blank where they have tried to cut out the adverts, so don't bother with them they are just a waste of time and money, and you can't trust them.


11 years ago

BOOTLEG ALERT!! – WARNING On BOOTLEG NYPD BLUE DVDs From DVDGLOBE. I just got the 12 Season DVD Set being advertised online for $99. It SUCKS. DO NOT waste your money. I am sending mine back if I can figure out how. What they did was get good DVD quality copies of seasons #1 – #4 (which are easily available from reputable sources) and THEN VCR copied Seasons 5 – 12 from TNT – They didn't even erase the "TNT" Logo!! On top of THAT, Season #5 Disk #2 cannot be read by my DVD player….What good is having this set if you can't even get through Season #5?? This company produces cheap copies of American shows in China then ships them here. I certainly will do everything in my power to discredit these thieves.

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