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10 years ago

stay away from this site. I bought something on ebay from this seller company and they simply cancelled my order from ebay and directed me to buy it from this site. of course I didn't. beware of a seller that directs you outside of ebay. this site is clearly a scam.


10 years ago

Guys, this is a Chinese-operated site in Germany. Does that suggest anything to you? And you know, when you arrive at a site that has a fake "verified secure" badge right at the top of the front page, warning bells should go off, right there and then. Everything is being dispatched by EMS, the Asian shipper, too, so we can assume everything's coming from China, a country not known as a supplier of genuine goods.

The site also appears on the web as top7dvd.com, and possibly others. It's definitely a Chinese wholesale operation.

If you get scammed, you can report these guys to Ebay, since they advertise their Ebay store in the "about us" page, and you can also complain to Yahoo Stores, whose badge is on the front page of the site. Other than that there is only one sensible thing to do: stay away. Well, two things: stay away, and tell your friends.


10 years ago

This site is such a scam. I bought rosetta stone software for mac. They sent me the software and the application cd had a file labeled "for mac users" but no mac software was on the cd. After going back and forth with customer service for a month, it was clear that there was no solution besides sending me a new application cd. They then never responded to any of my emails again.


10 years ago

it's a scam.. i was on ebay and it somehow led me to this site 'dvdhdvd.com' ..although its a completly different website…and so i bought rosetta stone from this "website" for a very cheap price compared to what it normally costs and i recieved it and it was fake.. it didnt work was all scratched up … and i tried to contact the website for a refund a few times and got nothing.. don't even waste your time and money with this site…

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