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10 years ago

I can't believe I fell for this.
With that many sales I did not bother to read the ratings; big mistake.
They are not even selling anything on E-Bay.
E-Bay is here to blame, they should have deleted this crooked advertising from their files.


11 years ago

Thanks for getting the dvd to my G-ma before she died. She watched Murder she wrote in the nursing home for hours so she did not have to listen to the lady next to her die. THanks Dvdmagnet


11 years ago

I purchased a DVD for a gift for my wife from this seller through eBay. Although they said they had shipped the item, it never arrived. I found weeks later that they reposted the item on eBay at a much higher price. They finally refunded my full purchase price instead of shipping me the DVD.

I wish they hold told me when I purchased it that they were not going to ship it. That would have given me time to buy it from someone else before my wife's birthday. I feel they were dishonorable as well as dishonest. They did not honor their eBay contract.

Brian Cummings

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