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5 years ago

Punks that are misleading taken peoples money nothing but a gang of con man. Stay well clear. I am fuming if I knew were this piece's of trashed live i would whoop there arses thiefing scum bags. Knock me I'll rats.


6 years ago

I ordered and expensive box set that was supposed to be brand new factory sealed. When I received it I was pissed to find it was burned copies shrink wrapped in a case with a photo copied case insert. They didnt respond to my complaints so I decided to try and watch it. Everything was actually fine until the 4th season.

who ever burned it only burned one side of each of the discs so season 4, 5 and 6 only have half the episodes they are supposed to and the episodes are missing at random intervals making it completely impossible to watch.


7 years ago

Bought from these guys 2 months ago, didn't recieve my dvd.

So I emailed them and they said "It probably got lost in shipping to Europe", I responded asking for my tracking number (paid extra for trackable shipping) and they sent me a fake tracking number. After this they stopped responding to my email.

This morning I get a call from my bank about someone trying to steal money from my credit card. This card hasn't been used anywhere else but DVDNowTV!!!

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