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1 year ago

I ordered the DVD Blood and Oil for $27.99 plus .84 cents for foreign exchange. The shipping was free. When I ordered the DVD, it said that the order did not go thru, so I ordered a second time, then that went thru. When I went online a few days later to track when the DVD would arrive, it showed up that we ordered two copies. Our Mastercard was charged for two copies, total was $53.98. I called the phone number on the website, it said it was disconnected and no longer in service. Then, I sent two e-mails, saying we only wanted one copy sent to us. No response from them at all. Then we finally received one copy of the DVD. I immediately tried it in the DVD player, it said it was unable to read discs. We tried it in our computer, it played, but with chinese subtitles. After a minute, we took it out and repackaged it to send it back.Before we sent it back, we again e-mailed them and told them we wanted a refund on both. Heard nothing. I sent it to the address listed online, paid close to $5.00 to send it back. the post office told me the zip code listed was wrong, so they changed it for me on package. It was returned to us saying it was a private address, and the man was not a private vendor. He wanted to know how we got his address. We now still have package because it is close to $15.00 to send back, and we are still unsure if its the correct address since nothing they listed appears to be true. Also, although we were charged for a second DVD, we still have never received it, orhave been reinbursed. We have never received any feedback from them. the address is listed to China. We have no idea how to get our money back, or how to send this back again to them since nothing is correct on the website.

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