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6 years ago

This is another scam from China. DVD's are bootleg copies and the quality is terrible. This website is completely misleading and taking advantage of American consumers. It's completely illegal and unethical!


6 years ago

I ordered season 6 of sons of anarchy the first 4 dvds were fine but the 5th one was horrible. Parts of the movie would go into little squares and parts of it was freezing then play then freeze again as if someone had the remote and was pressing the freeze button and play. Extremely annoying and the box it came in was damaged. Never again…


6 years ago



7 years ago

Stay away from this site! The fact it is not a secure site is a red flag. They are most likely the same people who operate Hot DVD Collection. Same prices, with same shipping cost. It is a scam!! Sure, you will get DVD's…one's that don't work or are recorded off the tv screen. They are from China and have been ripping people off for over a year.


7 years ago

dvdsea.com is exactly the same as the following companies:

www.buydvdau.com ; www.idvdset.com ; www.tvstoreau.com; www.buydvdau.com; www.dvds-home.com ;www.hotdvdbazaar.com; www.ebeyer.net & www.comingdvd.com: www.tvinboxset.com: www.dvdaushop.com: www.dvdaushop.com; www.buydvdbox.com ; www.eazydvdset.com ; www.completeseasonsdvd.com; www.dvdsetshop.com; www.musicfansbar.com; www.dvdcollects.co.uk; www.cheapdvdau.com; www.dvdshopau.com; www.seriesonsale.com; www.boxsetonline.com.

They are a wide web of Chinese pirate copiers and the goods they sell are NOT originals but recorded from TV stations. The DVDs are of poor quality, have no extras and to crown things, the DVDs include not one but TWO warnings about copyright theft!

I purchased two boxed sets from buydvdau.com and I was furious. In the end I made a formal complaint to Visa via my bank and Visa reversed the payment. buydvdau.com then had the cheek to complain to me! I replied that I will not deal with pirates. They then had the double cheek to ask me to send the DVDs back to them at my cost!

I informed them that I had reported them to FACT (Federation Against Copyright Theft) http://www.fact-uk.org.uk/ and also to the FBI here: http://www.ic3.gov/complaint/default.aspx


8 years ago

…and another counterfeit scam from China:


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