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7 years ago

Yes, we've been around the block with these con artists. Placed order and waited two weeks with no status update. Naturally, Visa was debited immediately when the order was placed, not shipped. That's always a bad sign. Wrote email and got reply saying it takes 2-3 weeks from when the order ships. I know the mail is slow, but come on! Called after one more month and was told, sarcastically by customer service, that it takes 2-3 weeks from when the product ships like they wrote in the email, so we should already know that. Asked them if it had shipped yet and they said yes. So, you guessed it, one more month and nothing. Called and got the same kind of response. Notified Visa and they gave us a temporary credit while they investigated the order. Two weeks later, we got an email from Visa saying the ruling was in our favor and our credit went from temporary to permanent. Fraudulent scammers who have no intentions of providing their customers with a viable product. Stay far, far away from this seller!!!!


7 years ago

About Dec 2 last year, I placed an order for the dvd collection of Judging Amy at dvdtiger.com. they charged my credit card immediately within the day. I received a confirmation email with the information to allow 2-4 weeks for the shipment. After 1 month, the dvds hasn鈥檛 arrived yet so I contacted the company and came with no response. I tried to email [email protected] and kept being ignored by them!! This is not the kind of customer service I鈥檓 expecting. Aside from the delayed shipment, I also noticed 2 weird charges in my billing statement. I was overcharged for $9 ! crap! Been alarmed that this is scam and I鈥檝e been a victim!! Now, I can鈥檛 see the website anymore but I noticed a website similar to dvdtiger which is CHARMDVD.com! please don鈥檛鈥?be tricked by these scammers! Beware!

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