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6 years ago

I am curious about all the positive comments about this website, because I've been trying to contact them using the Contact button on their website, and it's always broken.

Even as a register user, whenever I try to submit an order, it never goes through.

When I submitted my email address to get a new password, I used the address in the email they used to send me a link for a new password, and I got a Daemonemail reply. There seems to me no way to contact the owner of the website.

And as for the person who said they just order Soul Train, I wonder how can that be, when according to the description on the website, you must order 100 units in order to get the wholesale price.

It is a wholesale website, not a retail site. So you must order at least 100 units.

I would like a response from anybody who has left a positive feedback for this website, as to how they actually went about ordering from this website, how long it took shipment to arrive, and what address the order was shipped from.

This website has no contact information, no privacy info, not one thing about who the owner is, where the business is based, nor a written email address for contacting customer service.

Although I've never purchased from them, I'm grading them two stars, since I have not been able to place an order from the website, or have been able to contact them by email.


7 years ago

When you see no contact details whatsoever on a commercial site then you can presume it's a scam. If you get anything at all it will be counterfeits.

And don't trust the many shill comments that the gang post here.


7 years ago

I received my order Yesterday. It was the first time I've ordered any Music DVD from any website, great product Very good service. thank you


7 years ago

Thanks to you, for quick and secure shipping, all DVD in perfect condition, and the price cheap. Really very good, I'm happy with my purchase.


7 years ago

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