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1 year ago

I am writing this review hoping that as many people as possible will read it.
I leave in Amsterdam and unfortunately I have got involved with Qwint Electricity.
It is been a nightmare since my ex roommate last april 2019 signed a contract with this company.
First of all the commercial agent sended by the
Qwint Electricity pushed her to sign a long 5 years contract to get a better price!!
Obviously she did but the dark side is that you can't get cancel the contract even if you leave the house or the Country.
You must be having Qwint Electricity as your supplier for 5 years even if you leave the house or the Country or you pay a penalty of minimum 150 euro.
Is it possible to push people for a 5 years contract for something you need to leave as human?
I mean everybody's need gas and electricity to leave, and why do i have to pay a penalty if i leave the house or the Country before this 5 years?!?
I will get legal advice for that.
My roommate did sign the contract because we needed electric-gas supplier in our new house and considering that it was our first time in the Netherlands and scarred that we could have been in the house without electricity!!
They overcharged us because is their policy.
We paid 157 euros a month for a 80 square meters house just because they said so.
On the first November of 2019 my roommate left the apartment and I took over the contract and ever since we still haven't got back the money (which is around 270 euro) that we over paid in advance for their supply of gas-electricity of 5 and half months.
They overcharged us in advance and then it takes many phone calls and many months to start the process of getting back your money .
I tried this morning for the last time to speak with a supervisor but of course he/she wasn't available.
I have been nice and educated for many months and i have tried all my skills to get my money back without being forced to write reviews like this, now getting legal advice….
My advice to everyone is :
Search for a better company which understand better the needs of normal human beings and doesn't take advantage of new people in the Netherlands who don't know how it works.

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