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4 months ago

DV advertised our house and didn't turn up to the open house, leaving around 20 people stranded out the front with no agent to show them through. After which we were forwarded emails which showed DV Property Group had been lying to us so we FIRED them

AFTER we FIRED DV Property Group, they drained our account with questionable fees and commissions for services not provided and sent SMS's to our tenants accusing them of being behind in rent, pestering them for money they didn't owe

I tried to contact the principal regarding the fees and commissions, SHE DID NOT RESPOND to emails and would not take or return my calls

I REPORTED DV Property Group to the OFFICE OF FAIR TRADING. Despite lying to the OFT, the investigation concluded DV Property Group was in;

"..breach of section 90(3) of the Property Occupations Act 2014 and enforcement and action was taken against DV Property Group Pty Ltd in accordance with Office of Fair Trading compliance and enforcement policy.鈥?br />

After the findings of the Office of Fair Trading DV Property Group arrogantly refused to refund our money and the OFT were powerless to make them

We are still haunted by DV Property Group, months after we moved agencies, our new property managers discovered DV Property Group had not paid for services they ordered for our property months prior to their sacking

This review is substantially true

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