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7 years ago

As far as we all know that the use of CCTV security cameras has become an integral part of today`s life. We the Dvrunlimited are providing various ranges of security cameras, as per of your want to secure your workplace? Or you want to secure your home? The answer to all questions regarding the security lies in Dvrunlimited.
Lets! Talk about the HD-SDI camera. Dvrunlimited is providing CCD of SONY 1/2.8" progressive scan CMOS 3.4 Megapixel, it has the resolution of 1080p and frames rate per second are about 240 in its HD-SDI, It means that you can acquire videos without any interruption, it has an auto white balance function which recognizes, and balance the visibility of photos which is taken in the dark, so no matter how dark it is, your camera can easily take visible photos. It transmits signals using HD-SDI receiver, or a PCI-Express card. SDI allows for high speed data transmission over standard 75ohm coax cable.
This system is as same as, the broadcast industry has been using for the last decade.
Recently, this technology has been incorporated into the CCTV industry. According to Dvrunlimited research , The megapixel CCTV cameras advertised by 90% of installers in the USA are IP based computer network cameras, although these cameras give great reproduction, they are limited by the bandwidth, specification of your network equipment and may slow down other users on the network. Another major problem with IP cameras over a network is lagging (not real-time) and frame Judder, when the network catches up. Dvrunlimited HD-SDI`s do not use a network and all the pictures are real time with no lag or Judder. Dvrunlimited HD-SDI`s are used in the many shopping malls, offices and supermarkets of California (USA).
One of the main reasons for buying from Dvrunlimited is that Dvrunlimited is offering all this at cheaper prices than others.
Not only this, Dvrunlimited is also providing free lifetime technical support, troubleshooting and maintenance of their cameras, so that you can have peace of mind for what you have bought.
DVRunlimited, inc have large selection of best security cameras, surveillance DVR equipment and accessories for home or business.
Free lifetime tech support on any of our products

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