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4 years ago

No response to phone contact or email.

Received phone call 12/16/16 from James Clark advising that he was calling from Gmail fraud alert to advise my Gmail had been hacked by someone in the Philipines. He appeared to have correct information from my Gmail account so gave him the approval to remote access of the account. After "clearing" the account he charged me $250.00 for 2 years mtce on 2 pcs. I tried to call and email him 12/30/16, no response or answer. I realized I had been scammed, canceled the credit card and changed password.


4 years ago

No response to phone call or email address

Received phone call from "jamesclark" saying he represented GMail and my account was flagged for 1700+ attempts from the Phillipines to hack my email address. He had my account information already. I gave him permission to remote control. Everything appeared to be legitimate. Charged me $250.00 for 2 years for 2 PCs. Gave him my MC #. To appear on MC as "PAYPAL CDSGNSER". I later discovered this was same person who contacted me 3 years ago with same story.

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