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1 year ago

If ANYBODY is thinking of replacing their roof with this male elementary school baby company who if they can't get their way, turn you in and get you in trouble. Despicable business bar none! My insane HOA thought many roofs in a row needed replacement. Because I refused to move my car (I wasn't getting a new roof) in front of MY HOUSE, David ratted me out to the HOA. When I still refused to move, the HOA sent out a TOW TRUCK! This company had at least FOUR spaces to the left of me to park their endless vehicles. And countless spaces to the right. ONE CAR NOT MOVING was NOT going to make a difference (OR be in their frigging way!). Needless to say, that after having to be forced to move, I cussed the HOA out. Then they THREATENED me AGAIN wanting to sic the brute force bullying police department in my city on me because these babies can't deal with foul language. Here are photos (don't have the one of the shattered screen door they battered rammed breaking the glass, but you can see the edge of it in some of the photos) from 20 May 2013 when the police came and not only damaged my house (leaving $1,658.50 worth of destruction), but left me with PTSD. First an actual tow truck shows up! Then the THREAT of the local police! This is how a senior citizen is treated!

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