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8 months ago

I ordered tools and they were never delivered


8 months ago

I ordered what I thought was Dewalt Tools. Never received a tracking number. Tried to contact the seller and received no reply.
Went to Resolution at Paypal. They supposedly contacted the seller and they provided a tracking number on 1 package. I received the package. It was a 3×5 envelope with a page of stickers. I contacted Paypal again and was told that in order to receive a refund I had to send the merchandise back. They sent me the return address in HONG KONG. In Chinese. Not English. I got the address translated and sent it back with a tracking number that I provided Paypal. They AGAIN DENIED MY CLAIM! Stating that I never sent them the tracking number which was a blatant lie, as I sent it to them the day I dropped it off at the Post Office. I have all the pictures, emails, and correspondence regarding the case. See below.
Tracking info sent to your seller
What's happening with your case?
Thank you for providing the tracking information for the item(s) you've returned to CHENGYANG HUAN. We've shared this information with CHENGYANG HUAN and have asked them to inform us when they receive the item(s).
Case ID: PP-D-*****
Disputed amount: $99.45 USD
Transaction ID: ******
Transaction amount: $99.45 USD
Transaction date: March 29, 2020
View Case Details
What happens next?
Once CHENGYANG HUAN confirms that they've received the item(s), we'll process the refund and close this case.
If your seller doesn't confirm receipt of the item(s), we'll continue our review and evaluate your tracking information.
You can check the status of your case in the Resolution Center.
Thank you for being a valued PayPal customer.
Details about your shipment
Transaction ID: *****
Hello T***** D***,
T***** D*** added shipping details. Please note that the tracking information and shipping status are shown exactly as the seller entered them.
Shipper USPS
Tracking number ******
Shipping status Shipped
If you have questions about the shipment, please contact t**********@gmail.com


9 months ago

Bought an item on Dewalt store. received tracking number throught Pay Pal. Never arrived, tracking # states it delivered and received, File complaint with post office to send me a letter of proof that I did not receive item. They sent me letter stated that item was sent to another address other than mine. I sent letter to pay pal but that no good they sided with seller, I lost money and item. Now the same Dewalt store is advertising on Yahoo.com as www.deceao.com the website www.dwodus.com has shut down. I tried it.


9 months ago

I placed an order and something seemed "wrong" with their website. After I entered in my card info. Luckily, Wells Fargo declined the card. Twice. So, dumb old me tried my Bank of America debit card. It showed on Dwodus that it did not go thru, but the payment was taken from my bank of america acct. By this time, my husband and I realized this could be a scam. Once I realized it was a scam, I reported it to my banks.


9 months ago

I ordered Dewalt power tools from online merchant www.dwodus.com and paid via PayPal. After paying via PayPal, I never receive any sort of email confirmation from dwodus.com. I receive a Paypal email confirming payment, but with no receipt number and no shipping details from dwodus.com. After a few days with no contact, I file a dispute with the PayPal conflict resolution center stating that the vendor never sent any confirmation, shipping info, or store receipt #. While waiting to hear back from PayPal, I receive a strange package with stickers from (FanZiaoMei, *** E Valley Blvd, City of Industry, CA 91744). Keep in mind that I never ordered stickers and don鈥檛 know who FanZiaoMei is and why they are sending me anything. PayPal takes a few weeks to review and states that they ruled in favor of dwodus.com – PayPal states that they received shipment tracking info and delivery confirmation from the merchant. Dwodus.com won the dispute because they shared the shipment tracking info for a package of stickers that they mailed. Once a dispute is ruled, PayPal doesn't let you go back in and file another dispute regarding the same case to let PayPal know that this vendor is sending customers packages of stickers instead of the products that they paid for.


9 months ago

sent a sheet of stickers instead of what i ordered

I placed an order for a 20 v dewalt grease gun, battery and charger. all i was sent was a sheet of stickers


9 months ago

bought product, paid for by credit card, have never recieved a shipping date

They are posing as a Dewalt tool site at discount prices
You order tools they give free shipping
got to pay upfront and they give you a number and say you will be notifed when shipped
take money out of your creditcard account and never here from them againHigh Yon Capi


10 months ago

Placed a small order April 8, 2020 with (http://www.dwodus.com) An online "De Walt" advertiser. Advertising a one day 80% off sales. My response with this site has been has been 100% negative. Sent one email requesting information and received one response. All questions should be directed to the store owner who can be reached at (*********@gmail.com) Also on the site was a "contact" form in the event the customer wished to communicate with the seller. Sent numerous response forms as well as emails to the"store owner, Jacquelyn Barnes. Zero response. For the record, PAYPAL sent payment to "HIGHONCAPITOL, INC. Contacted DeWalt North America on April 16th. Received a response within twelve hours.
Their response in part………………. "We like to confirm and we are not affiliated with this site in any way. We are already in the process or reviewing what actions we can take as this is not our site" My experience has been they imply this is an official sanctioned DeWalt Tool sale. Once you have responded with payment, that then is the beginning of the end. Others may have been scammed for hundreds.


10 months ago

Fake tool site, bought tools but they were never delivered.

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