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9 years ago

I am just another unhappy customer, unfortunately I didn't do any research on this company. I can just say that the first review here was right, they are not honest. Avoid it if you can or take the risk and then I will be able to say, " I told you so".


9 years ago

I have bought at least 5 skate decks from DWskatesurf (AKA Doublewide Skate) Their staff is always available to answer my questions and they have always been very helpful when it comes to giving me advice on different product. The guys that work there skate and know the industry, and dwskatesurf also has their own skatepark which I think it very cool.


11 years ago

Dishonest, whoever runs that store cares only about money he doesn't care about customers. I was charged for shipping after I was told I was not going to be charged. I called and they said that I got a good deal anyway so they would not refund the shipping. I really suggest you find a store that has good reviews, unfortunately I didn't find much information on this one, hope this helps someone to make a better decision.

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