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1 year ago

Me as a customer who trade at this exchange I strongly discourage from dealing with them. Doing business with them is very complicated. Most often they ignore emails. Sometimes they only answer after several weeks and/or many reminders. More importantly they also don't pay out withdrawals. On 7.10. I requested 10000 EUR withdrawal. On 10.10. I created ticket withdrawal reminder [#13649] where they answered: Hello Lukas,
Thank you for submitting the ticket.
鈥媁e have contacted our financial department and will reply back shortly."
Since they didn't reply back shortly as promised I asked why didn't they send it yet on 15.10. On 17.10. they answered: "Hello Lukas,
Please accept our apology for the delay.
There were national holidays and our office was closed.
We are back today and we will arrange the transfer as soon as possible.
Thank you for understanding,"
since then I didn't heard back from them again. Apparently they have been having holidays for 15 days.
This business seems to be either scam or their management is totally incapable of running the exchange.
If they continue ignoring my payout request I will need to take legal steps to seize their assets to get my funds back.

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