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055 8709966

7 years ago

Ordered flowers for Valentines day 2012. They took my order and my money, but failed to deliver the flowers. I tried to call them throughout valentines day, but noone answered the phones. Finally at around 9pm someone picked up the phone. What a rude and spiteful individual he was. They eventually returned the money, but lost my respect and my business – forever. Hopefully I can spread the word and save others from a similar fate.


9 years ago

I ordered a bouquet of flowers from Canada to be delivered to my parent's wedding anniversary in Dubai (worth $60) in November 2010. Five months later, it still has not been delivered. The latest update is that they want me to pay another $10 if I still want it delivered. This company has no interest in customer service and looking for a quick cash grab! I already used another provider to send flowers. Avoid dxbflowers.com like the plaque if you don't like headaches!

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