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2 years ago

DXGONL.COM is a scam. I ordered a snow blower for $93 on 1/11/19 from the site. The only payment method was PayPal which I felt was safe. On 1/15/19 I received a call from the QVC Shopping Network asking if I had ordered a snow blower from them for $215. The reason they were calling is because the Visa card used to place the order did not match my address. Besides the Visa card not being mine, the email address and phone number provided to QVC was not mine either. QVC did a search to find my phone number and I'm thankful they did. At least I have recourse with PayPal but who knows about the poor person who's Visa card is compromised.

Do not order from this site!!


2 years ago

I bought a small snowblower and paid 93.00 and have never heard from them again.


2 years ago

I ordered from DXGONL.COM and after I purchased a small snow blower and paid by paypal I never have received anything after the sale. The snow blower has not been sent, the seller will not respond. I sent questions from the website and most of the buttons just bring you back to the main page. The phone number to call at the time when I looked was 12345678910 now it's something different. It's been many days with no contact and when searching online the internet has the iPhone # and says it's from Canada and possibly working in the U.S. The address doesn't exist that I've searched for. I have been locked out of my account on there by someone. I paid using an American Express gift card. Called them and they can't be reached unless you click lost or stolen. But I clicked and they just say go to paypal. Went to PayPal and there is no transaction for the purchase. I believe this seller is a scam and am putting this on here to protect others. They have some very expensive items, I onlylost $64 but others that buy from them may lose more. I reccomend that no one purchase from DXGONL.COM

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