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6 months ago

Purchased 2 heavily-marketed LED corner lamps, decent price, no complaints with the actual costs… but the checkout process was strange.

Ordered from within Instagram, added an email address, checked out with PayPal and received confirmation…

Trying to "login" to the website, and says an account doesn't exist under my email address (despite receiving the confirmation), so I emailed them, and they replied, which is fine, with a tracking number.

2 weeks later and the order apparently has "shipped" according to their own website, but the tracking number is still not searchable in any of the tracking services, including the one that they linked themselves.

So at this point, can't help but feel that it's some sort of "buy, supply then ship" sort of scheme, where they may literally just be the middle-man and have no idea what's actually going on with the order.

The website itself, is less than 1 month old and is pretty rough, it's not very trustworthy on the face of it, and I wouldn't have ordered at all, unless it was through PayPal.

I will continue to wait for the product, but honestly, at this point, they're already damaged their reputation in my opinion.

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